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on 10, Nov 2020
A few months ago my sister bought a 17 year old house. Upon moving in we noticed mold in different rooms. Ca Mold Removal Bulverde helped us to remove the mold in addition to work with the insurance provider company even though we were still unboxing! Catstrong is the most caring firm I've ever dealt with and truly desires to aid folks in times of panic.
Jessie Waters

San Marcos Mold Remediation Service

With years of experience and skills, Cat Mold Removal Bulverde brings to you the best of the services in mold remediation in all of San Marcos, Texas. We have an emergency response team to attend to all your needs on any day at any time. Our crew will be there within an hour from your call to support you in your time of need.

Call Cat Mold Removal Bulverde to have experts at your doorstep within minutes at (210) 987-3192!

To start with the experts at Cat Mold Removal Bulverde will survey the damage in your property caused by mold, inspecting every inch carefully. Once the Removal is done, we then proceed to make an estimate, free of cost, on the extent of damage and our recommendation on the best approach to tackle the issue. And after you approve of the plan and all your queries have been clarified, we proceed on to work on the cleaning the mold from your property.

For instant mold remediation call Cat Mold Removal Bulverde at (210) 987-3192!

Cutting Edge Techniques

When we evaluate the extent of damage we survey every room in your home or your business area completely to check and prepare a detailed report on the damage, its causes and its growth. Our report will also have a detailed explanation on the best technique to be used and why. Our team makes use of the best equipment in the industry in every step of the way and our techniques give you a cutting edge over the other companies in mold removal. With our cutting edge technology, we ensure that your home or office is completely cleaned and dried up.

Cat Mold Removal Bulverde has both certified experts and the best equipment in the industry which we put into good use to keep you, your family and your property safe from molds.

For cutting edge techniques in mold remediation, contact Cat Mold Removal Bulverde at (210) 987-3192!

Removing The Spores

More than the mold itself it is the spores released by the molds that cause the maximum damage. So the first step that we do when we take up mold remediation is to look for the source of these spores and contain them. We try to prevent the air spores from spreading any further and remove any kind of spores in the air. After we contain the issue from spreading any more, we use powerful tools like vacuum and other systems for cleaning the air ducts, the HVAC system, etc. at your place. This will ensure that the air circulating in the ducts in your place is full of fresh air.

Breathe in fresh air with the help of Cat Mold Removal Bulverde at (210) 987-3192!

Instant Relief

Whenever you have molds in your property, be it your home or your office, you need to have them removed immediately. Molds can cause serious health related issues like breathing infection, flu like symptoms and many more difficulties, especially for children, old people and those suffering from lesser immunity syndrome.

If you are looking to remove the molds instantly and find immediate relief, then call us at (210) 987-3192! for assistance.

Cat Mold Removal Bulverde will be there for you in an hour and we promise that any kind of molds will be removed and your property restored in couple of days. Check this page for more information related to service areas.

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